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Brand Engagement   

The best brand engagement solutions are designed to help you not only connect with your customers, but also capture their attention, and build your brand online.

Twine Digital helps you to drive engagement and maintain consistency across all the digital channels, no matter where your customers are encountering your ad. We offer a vast reach to create an impact with tight, relevant, and accurate targeting.

Our digital brand engagement solutions are built around 3 Twine Digital mainstays:


Connect: Twine Digital partners with world’s leading publishers to offer you impactful and innovative properties. Our multi-channel options help us take advertising efforts a notch up every time, by giving us the flexibility to customise our solutions per your brand requirements.

For example, in case of Video Brand Advertising, we extend TV assets to digital channels. You can connect with customers using in-stream videos or even use companion ads to create a complete messaging experience.  We offer you to connect with the right audience, at the right time, and in the right environment.

Engage:We offer contextually relevant advertising on multi-channel platforms. From delivering personalized ads and powerful call-to actions for more engagement and site traffic, to integrating all your digital needs on a single dashboard, we aim to open up new opportunities to better shape your brand’s customer experience.

Acquire: Twine Digital serves relevant ads with precise targeting, served to your preferred audience, on their preferred channels and device, during their preferred time. We design campaigns with the capability to deliver brand engagement video ads, followed by targeted display ads, and then click-to-download mobile ads to drive conversion.

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