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With the second largest mobile subscriber base in the world, marketing in India is nowhere near complete without a strategy to reach out to mobile users. Combined with the ever-increasing number of smartphone users, the equation for our audience has changed from procuring information only via PCs. Google and Facebook both receive more than one-third of their traffic via mobile. From checking daily news updates, to checking personal social mentions, to communicating with friends, family, and peers, and consuming BTL media, mobile usage has never been higher, and is destined to shoot further up.

Mobiles have now been established as the fundamental personal device. Synced well with other media to help cover the last mile for a media campaign, mobiles build interactivity with online and offline campaigns (I’m not quite sure what this was supposed to mean so could not rephrase it. Please remove in case redundant.).

Twine Digital offers its in-depth and proven mobile expertise to help your brand tap into this immense mobile market, and further amplify your reach.



We offer both pull and push options, including:

Missed Call – for Lead Generation, Verification, and / or Feedback

Click 2 Action 

Our click 2 action suit includes

Click to Call
Click to Download
Click to Install
Click to subscribe, and more.

App Development  

Our team of India’s premier app developers gather detailed requirements about your marketing objectives, brand values, positioning, and more, to create and develop custom application designs and solutions for Android, IOS, Blackberry, and Windows Symbian platforms.

Mobile Search  

No digital strategy is complete without a mobile component, and no mobile component of a marketing strategy is finished without mobile search solutions. Our skilled team embed mobile search solutions in your digital strategy for various devices including handsets, tablets, and phablets.

Quite like other marketing campaign parameters, our mobile search solutions incorporate retargeting, day parting, location, and other search parameters to ensure you get the most out of your mobile audience.

Mobile Display

Text & Banner Ad on Mobile Web & in App
Video Ads
Rich Media
Mobile Search
Mobile Application
Mobile Websites

Mobile display ads need to be powerful, and high-impact, which is our priority in developing mobile displays for your brand. Our full screen Mobile Ad format delivers an extremely interactive mobile experience. By employing constant innovation, and perusing our extensive advertising experience, we create full screen mobile ads that instantly capture your audience’s attention to incite them into interacting with your brand for maximum impact and engagement.

Twine digital provides multiple smart solutions to target audience on various mobile devices. Our mobile targeting options leave nothing out, while encompassing:

Operating System

Mobile Video

Engage your audience with an ad format they like the best - video. Twine Digital combines the high-interaction value of video ads with extensive, effective targeting to bring you the best mobile ad results.

SMS Marketing

Targeted SMS
Short Code & Long Code Service
WAP Push


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