Cross Channel Marketing

Focusing on one solitary platforms runs your business the risk of alienating a large section of audience inactive on that channel, but active on another. Multi-channel marketing helps tap into a targeted audience on all channels available, broadening your reach while also helping you synchronise marketing efforts across channels.

Twine Digital helps you control advertising across platforms, helping you reach your customers at various touch points, modifying the messaging based on where they are.

Multi-channel marketing carries the added benefit of helping make your targeting, and retargeting better, resulting in better conversions, and a holistic user experience.The Twine Digital Multi-Channel Marketing solutions incorporate the following elements, to leave no stone unturned in helping you achieve your marketing goals:

Web: Custom multi-channel marketing solutions based on campaign and / or brand objectives, including, but not limited to, websites, landing pages, lead generation, data capture, verification, etc. Alternatively, we supplement personalised, custom recommendations to help enhance your existing web presence to build a streamlined, cohesive online experience for your brand.

Mobile: Your audience is constantly on the go, so your marketing efforts need to be similarly mobile. Our mobile marketing platform offers both push & pull capabilities, with our mobile portfolio including offerings such as:

IVR, OBD  & Missed Call
Click 2 Action
Mobile Video
Mobile Search
Mobile Display - Rich Media, HTML 5

Social: Social media networks enable your audience to interact, publish, and share their views within seconds. Your audience used this opportunity to talk about your brand, and while you can not control what your audience says, you can definitely sway their opinion favourably with a superlative social media marketing strategy.

Twine Digital social media offerings evaluate your existing social media presence, combined with competitor analysis, to understand the tone and sentiments of the conversations happening around your brand online. Based on this analysis, we help you create a dynamic social media strategy to meet identified objectives. Our social media offerings include:

Social media strategy
Ongoing social media management
One-off Campaign Management
Ads Management, and more.  

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