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Cross Channel Management   

One-in-All Channel Management - Easy planning, easy control. A single dashboard allows you to control and plan all campaigns, minus any hassles.

People consume information through billboards, TV, print media, and countless other mediums. Unified messaging through all media helps reinforce your brand’s image, while creating a better recall for your products.

Avoid skipping out any platform and missing your potential customers, with the Twine Digital dashboard. Plan, create, control and analyse all your ad campaigns using one single mechanism, for added convenience and comparative analyses. The Twine Digital platform helps you run campaigns from a single dashboard and work seamlessly across channels – video, social, mobile, and internet.

• One View: Execute multi-channel campaigns from one dashboard, complete with application of targeting, frequency capping, and more.
• Integrated Ad Server: A campaign-management platform fully-compatible for integration with all major industry ad servers.
• Audience Targeting: Reach your potential customers by using advanced targeting options.

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