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Performance Marketing   

Elemental to any digital marketing strategy, performance marketing ensures that you get your advertising budget’s worth. The Twine Digital performance marketing efforts control your audience’s  digital journey, after choosing the appropriate channel and messaging for them, based on their location in your sales funnel.

We help you drive conversions by continuing the marketing conversation with interested prospects. Our performance marketing incorporates the following core elements:

• Behavioural retargeting - increases effectiveness by specifically targeting interested audience.
• Frequency capping to eliminate media wastage
• Integrated mobile re-engagement solutions.
• High-volume reach
• Robust platform

Our extensive and expansive range of targeting options are suitable for your business, no matter how narrow your sales funnel:

• Location Targeting
• IP Targeting
• Browser Targeting
• Operating System Targeting
• Time Range Targeting
• Custom Targeting – age, gender, content etc
• Cookie Targeting

• Geotargeting
• Browser Targeting
• Operating System Targeting
• IP Targeting
• Mobile Carrier
• Wi-Fi Traffic Targeting
• Custom Targeting
• Handset Targeting, and more.

We provide various performance-based solutions to our customers. Our offerings includes:

Call to action:
• Cost Per Click
• Cost Per Lead
• Cost Per Acquisition
• Cost Per Call
• Cost Per Download
• Cost Per Install, and more.

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